8 Must-Sees at NYCxDesign

8 Must-Sees at NYCxDesign
On view at ICFF, Say My Name lamp on Bit by Bit table by Norwegian design studio Morten&Jonas; and Umbra Studio's Hot/Cold Carafe.

When did get so big? Here are our top picks for parties, product launches and group shows, at ICFF (running May 17 to 20) and the many events happening concurrently around town.

Karno.in.ua NYCxDesign Norwegian exhibit

Vera & Kyte’s Apparel; Siren Elise Wilhelmsen’s Kvelden lamp

1 Norwegian design and more at 
ICFF anchors design week, hosting hundreds of manufacturers and special features in the Jacob K. Javits Center. Among its highlights, the Norwegian by Nature exhibit will showcase the country’s emerging designers, including Vera & Kyte, who will show off Apparel, a room divider and clothes hanger; and Siren Elise Wilhelmsen, designer of the trompe l’oeil Kvelden pendant lamp. Also, Umbra will present the Shift collection, which includes small furnishings and accessories by Toronto’s MSDS and Fugitive Glue, New York’s Paul Loebach and London-based designer Philippe Malouin. May 17 to 20, Jacob K. Javits Convention Center

Karno.in.ua NYCxDesign Alessi at Wanted

Giulio Iacchetti’s Noé stopper and bottle rack for Alessi

2 Alessi and others at Design bursting from its seams, WantedDesign is the place to see the latest from Alessi, including the Ape and Noé wine accessories by Giulio Iacchetti, who will be on hand to discuss his work. Meanwhile, Bernhardt Design will unveil textile collaborations with Brooklyn designers Dani Song and Makoto Kishino. Also, there will be exhibits on Polish and Middle Eastern design; as well as the Launch Pad section, displaying prototypes by, among others, Earnest Studio and Danielle Trofe – the latter presenting a light fixture made from mushrooms. May 16 to 19, Terminal Stores on 11th Ave.

Karno.in.ua NYCxDesign Roll and Hill

Seed by Bec Brittain; Major by Paul Loebach

3 Bec Brittain and friends at 
Roll & Hill is showing both at ICFF and offsite, where it will debut Seed, a new chandelier inspired by crystals by Bec Brittain (featured in Karno.in.ua’s June issue) and Paul Loebach’s bell-shaped Major fixtures. Also be sure to check out new pieces by Rosie Li, Lindsey Adelman and company founder Jason Miller. May 17 to 20 at 530 Fifth Ave (between 44th and 45th).

Karno.in.ua NYCxDesign De La Espada

Luca Nichetto’s Elysia wingback; a garment from Yulia Yadryshnikova

4 Luca Nichetto and high fashion at 
Luca Nichetto seems to be everywhere these days, and yet everything he does – from his coffee set for Mjölk to his collaboration with Nendo – is beautifully imagined and resolved. During design week, furniture brand De La Espada celebrates its collaboration with the prolific designer. His new furniture pieces, including his Elysia chair, Stanley sofa and Laurel tables, will be complemented by a capsule collection by fashion designer Yulia Yadryshnikova. May 16 and 17 (and 18, by appointment), 40 Ludlow St.

Karno.in.ua NYCxDesign  Intro NY

Pendants by Decode; table set by neo-utility

5 International design at 
A motley assortment of local and international designers will once again converge at this offsite mainstay by London’s Designjunction. New York’s byAMT, London’s Resident, Stockholm’s Massproductions, and Toronto’s Castor will show off a vibrant array of works ranging from accessories to seating and lighting. May 15 to 19, 201 Mulberry St

Karno.in.ua NYCxDesign Reclaim 3

Francois Chambard’s Maypole installation

6 Design for good at 
With sustainability and social good at its core, Reclaim 3 presents products and installations by Fort Makers, The Principals, and UM Project, whose Francois Chambard (featured in Karno.in.ua’s June issue) will connect his kooky Craft Sytem lamps to a Maypole. The show will take place in co-ordination with a group show by Colony, a collective made up of Egg Design, Assembly and Hiroko Takeda and Flat Vernacular, that will make its official debut this month. May 16 to 20, 324 Canal St., 2nd Fl.

Karno.in.ua NYCxDesign Site Unseen 2

Painted Plains rug by AVO

7 Curated finds at 
The online magazine Site Unseen offers a curated look into the studios of various designers, and its shows during design week share that intimate, crafted character. This time around, the show includes works by Vancouver’s Knauf & Brown, Seattle’s Ladies and Gentlemen and New York’s Field Experiments, as well as such features as a ceramics pop-up shop curated by the blog I’m Revolting, a prop-styling photo booth, a cafe and Tai Ping’s new Chroma Collection of rugs. May 16 to 20, 200 Lafayette

Karno.in.ua NYCxDesign MoMA Kickstarter

Walnut Studiolo’s Kickstarter-funded Bike Strap

8 MoMA meets How exciting is this? MoMA will be retailing 24 items by 20 designers that were launched through Kickstarter. Among the designs for sale in the museum’s shop and online from May 13 to June 16 – marking the first time the crowd funding site has collaborated with a retailer – are the PowerSlayer Phone Charger Kit, the Bike Strap (for carrying your bike over obstacles) and the Carpenter Watch, a soft-strapped timepiece made of wood. May 13 to June 16, 11 West 53 Street

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