Canadian Lighting Competition Awards Designs From Around the World

Canadian Lighting Competition Awards Designs From Around the World

The three winning designs of LAMP 2016 will light up Vancouver’s showroom until November 6.

This was the fourth year of the LAMP (Lighting Architecture Movement Project) competition, and the most successful: more than 130 entries were submitted from 27 countries. Student, emerging and established designers were asked to devise a light fixture that responded to the theme of Cosmic, however they might interpret that.

The three out-of-this-world winners, chosen by a jury that included lighting artist and designers and , will be on display at the Railway Street showroom, alongside 17 finalists, from November 3 to 6.


Black Hole Lamp by Dario Narvaez and Anthony Baxter, New York
The winning design in the Established category is inspired by the idea of an unseen force pulling light towards a single point in space. The Black Hole Lamp captures light in a reflective disc of silicon; the intensity of the light is controlled by drawing the centre of the flexible disc back to form a funnel, which the light slowly disappears into.




Antitesi by Luca Mazzon and Alessandro Dadone, Italy
At the top of the category for emerging designers, this lamp captures the mysticism of the night sky by quite literally reflecting on scientific and spiritual perspectives of the universe. A disc-shaped pendant sandwiches a layer of dichroic film between two layers of eco-resin. The panel is edged with LED-embedded aluminum and casts a unique and colourful shadow on the wall behind.



HENYX by Anna Tomschik, Austria
This year’s student winner evokes the planet’s two natural light sources, the sun and moon, to help lull the user to sleep, or gently nudge them awake. Comprised of two half-spheres, connected by a copper framework, Henyx is intended as a bedside table lamp that links to an alarm clock. The larger module, in matte-finished acrylic glass, gradually illuminates in the morning, while the smaller, concrete hemisphere is filled with a softer, reflected light at bedtime.

The kicks off with an opening night party on Thursday November 3, at the Vancouver Jan Kath showroom, at 505 Railway Street. Twenty finalists will be on show until Sunday, November 6. 

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