Bathroom Accessories with Better Functionality

Bathroom Accessories with Better Functionality
A shelf and wall mirror in the new Sabi Space collection.

Three new bathroom options – by Sabi, PBA and Agape – transform the most intimate space in the home through universal design principles – that is, more utility and beauty for everyone. Sabi 2

1 Sabi Space by
Universal design means just that – everyone can use it. In the case of the new 13-piece Sabi Space collection, everyone can enjoy it, as well. The clean-lined and vibrant line, with pops of yellow, green and purple, was designed by the British duo Barber Osgerby, in its creative consultancy MAP Project Office, geared toward creating beautiful design solutions for older end-users. And it is produced by Sabi, a Palo Alto, California, company that also makes elegant and thoughtful everyday necessities, likes pill cases, garbage bins and walking canes.

Unlike most bathroom add-ons geared to an older demographic, these smart-looking items – including Hold, a circular grab bar in silicone that doubles as a towel hanger and bears no likeness to those ubiquitous grab bars in the shape of steel brackets – have a broad appeal. And because they are easy to mount (with a super-strong adhesive or a screw-in attachment that requires only an allen key) the wall mirror, hang rail, caddy and more are especially suited to renters and those wanting to make affordable renovations to their homes. Brad Ascalon

2 Platform by
By changing the look and feel of bathroom accessories for health care settings, Italian manufacturer PBA – collaborating with New York designer Brad Ascalon – has come up with a sleek line that can also work for restaurants, hotels, offices and homes. The Platform line rethinks basic nylon bathroom elements, such as toilet bowl scrubbers, paper roll holders and soap dishes, in sculptural, eye-pleasing forms and an array of finishes, from chic black and white to vibrant hues, including yellow, blue, green and red.

However, their original destination – hospitals – is what drove the design. “Hospitals are generally seen as somber environments, and we saw an opportunity to elevate the mood through beauty and a touch of whimsy,” explains Ascalon. “If we’re able to make the sick or the elderly smile or feel an ounce of joy with balloons, flowers or family pictures, why can’t we do the same with the remaining objects that are around them? I absolutely believe that design can play a powerful role in changing the emotional state of the individual.”

Since germs in any washroom setting are always a concern, Platform’s items can be easily detached, through a simple connection detail, and thoroughly cleaned. Solid Agape

3 Solid mirror by
Designers Diego Vencato and Marco Merendi worked together at Artemide, one of Italy’s most future-forward lighting brands. And now they have integrated their lighting know-how into a new product for Agape, one of the country’s high-end bathroom manufacturers.

Solid, a wall-mounted mirror measuring 60 centimeters in diameter, turns the bathroom mirror into an art object. And a highly functional one at that. The round metallized glass form – through which the designers sought to evoke a “drop of liquid metal on the wall”  – is finished with an industrial coating process. In this way, the surface was made semi-transparent and light permeable so than when you switch on its LEDs, it bathes the wall in a halo glow.

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