Great Holiday Gifts for Designers

Great Holiday Gifts for Designers

As the holidays grow nearer, we’ve rounded up a variety of gifts for designers – whether you add them to your shopping list or your wishlist is up to you.


x Kvadrat collaboration

The ubiquitous Danish textile maker recently teamed up with sneaker brand Adidas for a new take on the iconic Stan Smith model. Kvadrat’s contemporary Squares fabric pattern, designed by Vibeke Rohland, is applied to the shoes in Navy, Pink and Core Black colourways. Available in men’s and women’s sizes, they’d make perfect gifts for designers male or female.


Navy Rum

“From waste, to wasted” is the tagline for this rum brand launched by Fitzroy, an Amsterdam creative agency named after the naval officer who sailed Charles Darwin around the world. The marble-look cap is made from melted waste (including Coca Cola labels, which contribute swirls of red) plucked from the North Sea. They suggest that the reusable bottle be filled with water, which you’ll need for the hangover that comes after finishing the  dark, navy-style rum.


Shot hip flask by LPWK and Paolo Gerosa for

Added to the Objets Bijoux collection earlier this fall, this stainless steel flask is characterized by its appropriately liquid form. It’s also available with a PVD coating in Golden Pink, and both versions come with a funnel.


Erode Soap Summit Series by

These sculptural soap landscapes are cast from mineral rich clays, essential oils, and botanical ingredients including willow bark, juniper berry and cardamom. Each one-of-a-kind piece is cast into a mould and cured for up to 10 weeks before being numbered and polished. The Bouton plate, designed as a designated dish for Erode soaps, is also available in three complementary colours.


Jean Michel Basquiat skate decks by

The Skateroom, an online platform selling fine art skateboards, has added to its line featuring works by the late New York artist. The new options include the Robot Triptych, shown above, as well as single boards and sets illustrated with familiar pieces such as Light Blue Movers, Gastruck, and Trumpet.



Ripple Throw by

The unique weaving technique used to make this cotton blanket by Margrethe Odgaard lends a subtle illusion. As the cozy yet light blanket moves, the pattern appears to change. It’s available in five colours, including red, yellow, brown, bluish-black, and the green shown.


Colour Fold Prints from

The Danish design poster company has added five new prints by Norwegian designer to its collection. Colour Fold celebrates the paper itself, with undulating graphics in bright hues. The 50 by 70 centimetre posters are offset printed on heavy photo quality paper and as with all Paper Collective products, 10 per cent of sales is donated to a cause of the artist’s choosing. Melvær is supporting , an organization promoting the education of underprivileged girls in India.


The Frame television by

TVs got a whole lot more attractive this year, with the launch of Samsung’s the Frame television designed by . Already indistinguishable from a framed piece of art on the wall, the design became a true work of art when French designer  and Dutch duo  stepped in to style artworks, bezels and optional stands for the T.V.s The latter’s three designs are based on colour blocking, while Sempé’s offers flowing lines and contrasting hues.


Moonraker Speakers by

These retro-futuristic speakers are an audiophile’s dream. Named for the 1979 Bond film that tried to mix Star Wars space appeal with 007’s cocktail cool, the wireless modules pack two bi-amplified speakers into a lunar polymer shell. Sold in sets of two, the speakers are perched atop hardwood legs which are available in black walnut, teak, or white ash.


Sun Light by 

The young Eindhoven designer’s Sun Lights series is a study in the displacement of light. Set atop a cylindrical pearl lacquered aluminum and steel base, disc-shaped forms are made from acrylate, a light-absorbing material material that soften the warm glow of the integrated LED light source. The dimmable table lamps come in orange, pink, white opaque, and purple shades that reference sunrise and sunset.



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