Old boards, new tricks

Old boards, new tricks
Cutting and charcuterie boards by Geoffrey Lilge

Corian boards may come and go, but nothing looks, smells or feels quite as good as a well-used, solid wood chopping board. Despite its basic design, the lowly board is still prone to retooling and reinvention. Here are eight recent variations on the kitchen classic.

1. Last week, of Edmonton, Alberta, launched a suite of eight uniquely shaped cutting and charcuterie boards made of FSC-certified maple and walnut. Each one is hand finished with four coats of natural oil and beeswax.

Old boards new tricks 02

2. French designer pays tribute to the culinary arts with a board for that’s concave in shape, allowing users to place a plate beneath the cutting surface and easily collect what’s been sliced.

Old boards new tricks 03

3. Puzzleboard by of the Netherlands is impressively multipurpose. The beech wood blocks interlock to create an elongated surface for cutting French sticks. They also double as serving plates, perfect for large parties where guests usually eat and drink while standing.

Old boards new tricks 04

4. Happy Chopper, by and  of All Lovely Stuff, a new British design and manufacturing studio, is made of solid grade A beech.

Old boards new tricks 05

5. Switzerland’s ­– designers and manufacturers of “intelligent smaller things” – crafted laptop-inspired cutting boards out of apple wood, a tribute, they say, to the legendary Apple MacBook Pro.

Old boards new tricks 06

6. New York furniture designer, sculptor, maple syrup maker and beekeeper made his first cutting boards out of necessity – he needed one for his home. He’s continued making them “as a celebration of shape.” Each is made from reclaimed carpenters scraps.

Old boards new tricks 07

7. Cutting Board-KAKU by  of Japan was born from a dialogue with woodworkers of the Shikoku region and is an expression of the designer’s love for the natural, untreated wood.

Old boards new tricks 08

8. More recently, Kuramoto’s cutting boards have helped raise funds for , a foundation co-founded by Academy Award-winning musician Ryuichi Sakamoto to protect existing forests and plant new ones as a natural way of balancing human carbon emissions.

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