Summer Furnishings that Keep You Cool

Summer Furnishings that Keep You Cool
These cabanas, umbrellas and covered seats – by Extremis, Kettal and more – crank up the cool factor while beating the heat. 

1 Vela by

This slatted-wood shade measures 4.8 metres long and mounts onto the Belgian manufacturer’s picnic-style Marina table. It also anchors to the ground for a more pergola-like furnishing.

2 Bloom by

The latest parasol from Belgian brand Sywawa is aflutter with red and white petals made of waterproof Airtex polyester. Measuring three metres in radius, the shade is propped up by a stainless steel stand that can also support a circular table surface.

3 Modulos by

This popular all-white pergola system from Gandia Blasco now features a Nowood floor mat made from a vegetable fibre and plastic blend. Modulos configures to accommodate a large group or just a party of two, its ultra-minimal design allowing for the creation of disparate zones for various functions. It’s composed of anodized or thermo-lacquered aluminum and movable strips of plastic fabric, with optional roller blinds.

4 Cottage by

Patricia Urquiola adds to her collection of outdoor furnishings for the Spanish brand with this charming daybed for two that recalls the pint-sized cabins of the backwoods. Balau wood struts provide support for the aluminum frame along the back and sides, while the front remains exposed (though it can be shielded with an acrylic sheer curtain).

5 Shaderplug by

This sculptural outdoor setting by Paola Lenti features an aluminum-framed hexagonal roof and stainless steel side panel supports. Mounted to a hard surface or fixed to a ballasted base for softer terrains, the entire structure is covered with a UV-resistant polyester fabric that’s easily assembled via Velcro attachments.

6 Faz by

With a bluetooth-enabled sound system, this LED-lit daybed by Ramón Esteve embodies an urban-chic aesthetic. The faceted base is made from a double-walled polyethylene resin shell and comes in a matte or lacquered finish, while the lightweight top is covered in UV-resistant and durable Batyline textile.

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