This week: Maison&Objet

This week: Maison&Objet
Patricia Urquiola for Kettal

As Paris’s biggest home decor show, Maison&Objet, kicks off today, get ready for plenty of beautiful, inspirational and swoon-worthy designs. Here are six pieces we’d love to show off in our abodes.

1. Patricia Urquiola’s new collection for Spanish manufacturer features modular pieces for the living and dining room, including a modern twist on the rocking chair and a coffee table with sawhorse-style legs. The furnishings are made of aluminum and a new three-dimensional fabric, Nido d’Ape, created especially for the collection.

This week Maison&Objet 02

2. Add some wildlife to your backyard with these fun planters by , made from naturally crushed stones and casted in moulds meant to look like towering giraffes and scurrying hedgehogs.

This week Maison&Objet 03

3. Riffing on the shapes of trees, these candelabras by Paris’s are completely modular, allowing the user to add and take away branches as desired.

This week Maison&Objet 04

4. Dubbed The Granny, Danish Crafts’ new stool features a seat and legs that are hand-milled on a lathe, giving each support a unique shape. The seat is available in oak or ash and the legs come in a variety of wood types including beech and larch as well as dusty pastel colours.

This week Maison&Objet 05

5. Cologne’s  presents three new products, including a trivet made of 12 porcelain beads that can be reconfigured into different shapes.

This week Maison&Objet 06

6. New York trio  show off their new Clinker mini pendant, manufactured by . Inspired by boat design, the overlapping wood fixture comes in black, white, orange, walnut and oak veneer and teak.

Maison&Objet runs from September 9 to 13 in Paris.

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