Icoon Afsluitdijk




Exhibitions Netherlands November 17, 2017 - January 21, 2018

Please note that this event has expired and is for reference only. See our active listings for events.

The Afsluitdijk, the legendary 32 km long dike realized in 1932 and built mostly by hand, is a unique place in the world. After 85 years of intensive use, it is now time for a large-scale renovation. The Dutch State and the Nieuwe Afsluitdijk (the region) have seized this opportunity to ask designer Daan Roosegaarde and his team of experts to strengthen the iconic value of the Afsluitdijk. Through a subtle layer, Roosegaarde enhances the beauty of the dike and creates new connections between man and landscape, past and future, darkness and light, and poetry and functionality.

Drive on the Afsluitdijk to experience the permanent installation GATES of LIGHT where the monumental floodgates come to life through the reflecting light of the headlamps of passing cars. Visit WINDVOGEL, a smart kite which generates green energy, and visit GLOWING NATURE, light emitting algae which reacts with light to your movements. The designs of Icoon Afsluitdijk form a new model for a green landscape.