Sheila Hicks: Textile and its Pre-Columbian Roots, 1954-2017




Exhibitions Puebla, Mexico November 4, 2017 - April 2, 2018

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Sheila Hicks – Free Threads, Textile and its Pre-Columbian Roots, 1954-2017 offers a fresh interpretation of the work of the acclaimed American artist (b. 1934, Hastings, Nebraska), unveiling a large number of rare works not exhibited in decades, including some made in Mexico in the 1960s when Hicks lived in Taxco el Viejo.

With approximately 120 pieces spanning decades, as well as numerous photographs and archival documents, Sheila Hicks – Free Threads provides a broad overview of the artist’s work, highlighting the influence of her varied experiences in Latin America. A student of Josef Albers at Yale University, Hicks received a solid pictorial training; it was during this period that she first developed her unique sensitivity to the power of color. Her first works were paintings, and two of these – from 1954 and 1957, and never before exhibited – will be on view in the exhibition.

Hicks’ work underwent a radical change in 1957 when she began a series of trips through Chile and the region, during which she became acquainted with Pre-Columbian textiles and ancient Andean weaving techniques. The exhibition highlights their influence through the display of twenty Pre-Columbian textiles on loan from the permanent collection of the Museo de Arte de Lima.